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Preschool Programs

Preschool Program


D20 offers preschool classrooms for children ages 3-5 years old in one of our district's preschool programs.

Our preschools offer a 1:5 classroom ratio, enriching and creative environments that provide both teacher and child directed opportunities, inquiry based learning, and ongoing exploration in an integrated classroom setting. Our teachers are highly qualified, licensed early childhood/special educators.


Typically, three year old children are placed in the morning classes, and four year old children are placed in the afternoon classes.


Colorado Preschool Program (CPP)


The Colorado Preschool Program was established by the Colorado General Assembly to provide tuition funds for families in need.  All fees associated with District 20 preschools are covered for those who qualify.

Children are eligible for CPP based on certain risk factors in their lives that qualifies them for this program.  These risk factors have been shown to be associated with later challenges in school.  If you believe your child may qualify, please call our preschool office at (719) 234-1750.


Child Find


District Twenty is responsible for assessing and identifying children who may have educational disabilities. District Twenty has professionals who are trained to evaluate children in a variety of areas, including cognitive functioning, physical development, hearing and vision, speech and language, as well as social and emotional development. 


Child Find is the process for assessing and identifying childen who may have educational disabilities ages birth to 5 years. Parents who suspect their child may be developing differently than same age peers or have delays in learning may contact our Child Find Coordinator, MaryJeanne Benner-Knopp at (719) 234-1755.


Special Education

Our preschool programs serve children ages 3-5 years with disabilities and typically developing peers in an inclusive environment. Children who are eligible for special education under Colorado guidelines receive services free of charge.

Special Education Mission Statement


Academy School District 20 Special Education Department is committed to empowering each student to reach his/her potential for a life of quality, dignity, and purpose.