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"Our mission at Academy District 20 Preschool is to partner with families and the community to educate children of all abilities in a safe and nurturing environment by providing developmentally appropriate instruction that creates a foundation for future academic success, social-emotional well-being, and exemplary citizenship."


Teachers and Classroom


Our teachers are highly qualified, licensed early childhood/special educators, with a 1:5 teacher/student ratio. We provide age appropriate teacher guided and child directed experiences with activities representing language, motor, cognitive, and social emotional development. Individual learning styles and gender differences are emphasized to enhance the students' learning capacity. Opportunities to explore, extend, and experiment are provided and encouraged through circle time, outdoor time, free and guided art activities, block, math and science and dramatic play centers.


District Twenty teaches with Best Practices


District Twenty uses developmentally appropriate, researched, and evidenced based early childhood education practices to meet the individual learning needs of each child. D20 employs the We Can Curriculum and the TSGOLD Assessment tool.  The We Can Curriculum is organized into bi-weekly or monthly thematic units that teach through the context of play, and large and small groups.  TS GOLD is an authentic, ongoing classroom assessment which encompasses over thirty years of research and is based on 38 objectives for development and learning, which are fully aligned with the Colorado Department of Education Preschool standards.


D20 also teaches using the Colorado Department of Education State approved Pyramid Model for supporting Social Emotional Competence in young children. The Pyramid model teaches key school readiness concepts such as persistence at difficult tasks, ability to express emotions appropriately, ability to make and sustain relationships with peers and adults, confidence, and the ability to negotiate and cooperate in a group setting. These concepts are taught by following a strategically planned teaching process that begins with building positive relationships with parents, children and colleagues, teaching targeted social emotional strategies, and employing individual interventions.


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Creative Curriculum/TS GOLD

Pyramid Model





Our classes maintain a 1/3 ratio of children with special needs and community peers. Children with developmental delays benefit from typical models that encourage language, cognition and social development. All children benefit from working together in a community atmosphere that encourages understanding and compassion, emphasizing diversity. The children are encouraged to help one another in the learning environment where exploration and risk taking is encouraged to foster independent thinking.


Interdisciplinary Teaming to Educate the Whole Child


Our teachers are highly qualified, licensed early childhood/special educators. Our teachers partner with our school itinerants (speech therapist, occupational therapists, physical therapist, social worker, autism specialists, and psychologists) to provide the most comprehensive approach to meeting all the children's needs. Our teams meet on a regular basis to discuss individual student growth, including our child find team to assess any developmental concerns that may arise during the school year. Parents are an integral part of our teaching team. Scheduled parent-teacher conferences are scheduled twice a year, as well as informal meetings (as needed), and ongoing assessment data (TSGOLD) is collected all year long, with three identified reporting periods typically in November, February, and May.


Individualized Education


At D20 we provide individualized learning for all students emphasizing the areas of cognition, language, fine and gross motor, and social emotional development.


Individualized Education Plans (IEP's) are developed for our students who qualify for Special Education Services. Individual goals are developed in areas which demonstrate a developmental delay. Specific and targeted teaching interventions are developed with the child's interdisciplinary team to meet the child's educational needs.