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​Early literacy refers to what children know about reading and writing before they actually learn to read and write.  It is not the teaching of reading, but instead involves the building of a foundation for reading so when children are taught to read, they will be ready (Ghoting, 2006).

"Emergent literacy refers to the early literacy concepts, skills, and positive attitudes that form the foundation for subsequent reading and writing achievement" (Henry, 2004).  It is the understanding that print letters have sounds that can create words, and that these words can be read from left to right to tell a story.  It involves children playing and being creative by telling, writing or acting out their own stories.  These, and other early literacy skills, help to build a solid foundation for literacy learning.

All preschool children in Academy D20 preschools include early and emergent literacy embedded into their daily activities and routines, including special trips to the school library.  Research has demonstrated that children who experience literacy rich environments including exposure to a library, increase their emergent literacy skills. 

D20 creates inviting libraries for children to enjoy literacy-rich, hands-on experiences in an interactive and caring environment where the students may check out books, and enjoy a preschool story reading time.  We believe if we capture a child's interest and imagination early on by helping children understand that literacy is fun and meaningful, we can help develop a strong foundation for reading and writing.


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